Is your sense of style starting to get a little stale? Do you find yourself feeling stuck in your usual beauty routine, frustrated with your inability to break the mold and step outside of the box? Well, look no further! The water marble nail art trend is making waves in 2017, and now you can learn to try it out too! This nail look is whimsical and charming; it places focus on fun, bright colors and breezy, psychedelic patterns that will make your nails look bold, beautiful, and undeniably unique. Twila True Beauty’s lasting shine nail lacquer collection features an array of stunning, bright nail polish shades that are certain to aid in making your water marble nail look shine above the rest.  Read on to learn how to recreate this fabulous look in a few simple steps, and watch our video tutorial too! Let the nail painting begin!

Step One: Prep Your Nail Station

To create the water marble nail look, you’ll need a few simple materials that can be found around the house. You’ll need a small cup of water, at least 2 shades of nail lacquer (or more if you prefer a more colorful water marble look!), a cocktail stick, manicure tape, a top coat, and a base coat.

Step Two: Prime Your Nails

To create the water marble nail look, you’re going to want to prime your nails so that you have a solid foundation on which to work. After cuticle shaping and nail shaping, use Twila True Beauty’s Fortifying Base Coat on clean, dry fingernails to keep your nails rock hard, chip free, and full of voluminous color and shine.

Step Three: Create Your Base

The water marble nail trend looks best when applied over a light, smooth shade of nail lacquer so that its gorgeous pattern and vibrant colors pierce through. Choose a base shade of nail lacquer and apply 2-3 coats of it to your nails.

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Step Four: Apply Tape

If you’re a nail art pro, you might be able to get away with omitting this step from the process, but most newbies to the nail art world will prefer to cover the skin surrounding each of your nails with manicure tape to prevent major cleanup later on.

Step Five: Create Your Rainbow

Take your small cup of water and drip a shade of nail lacquer into the center of the cup. Take your next lacquer shade and add a drop of it into the center of your first shade. Repeat the process with each shade of lacquer you have chosen until you have a rainbow of nail lacquer laid out before you.

Step Six: Swirl and Dip

Using your cocktail stick, gently swirl your lacquer shades together until an elegant marble pattern forms. Next, gently dip each nail into the polish mixture so that it transfers onto your nails. After the polish dries, complete the look with a layer of Twila True Beauty’s volumnizing top coat.