The Twila True Beauty Rollerball Fragrances are specifically designed to bring out a woman’s inner strength, beauty, confidence, and individuality. Every woman is unique and one-of-a-kind, and our fragrances elegantly reflect the style, compassion, intelligence, and vitality that make women sophisticated, powerful, confident, and special.

Try out this short quiz to find out which of our rollerball fragrances best matches your shining personality!

1) How would your friends and family describe you?

  • A- Charming and sweet
  • B- Romantic and mysterious
  • C- Edgy and bold
  • D- Elegant and sophisticated

2) Which of these is your ideal date activity?

  • A- An intimate picnic at the local park
  • B- A hot, steamy salsa lesson
  • C- attending the premiere of an art gallery exhibit
  • D- Dinner, drinks, and dancing

3) Which of these “guilty pleasure” desserts most appeals to you?

  • A- Something natural and organic, like a blueberry pie made with fresh-picked fruit
  • B- Something rich and dark, like homemade chocolate mousse
  • C- Something unique and adventurous, like upside-down pineapple cake
  • D- Something classic and timeless, like strawberries and whipped cream

4) Which of these cities would you like to travel to?

  • A- Athens, Greece; The traditional historic architecture sounds beautiful.
  • B- Paris, France; It’s the city of love!
  • C- Venice, Italy; A day out on the man-made water canals sounds fun and exciting.
  • D- Berlin, Germany; The art scene and culture is sophisticated and fabulous.

5) Which celebrity’s style do you wish you could steal?

  • A- Taylor Swift; her baby doll dresses and lacy frocks are to die for.
  • B- Zoe Saldana; her red-carpet looks are always sexy and smart.
  • C- Lady Gaga; her fashion sense is larger than life.
  • D- Lupita Nyong’o; her style is classic and flawlessly elegant.


Mostly A’s: Coy

  • The Coy rollerball fragrance smells of vanilla bean, cedar wood, and orange blossom, which will perfectly reflect your simple, sweet, and charming personality. Twila True Beauty’s Coy rollerball fragrance is light and delicate. It contains hints of sweetness and citrus, making it the perfect choice of scent for someone as sweet as you.

Mostly B’s: Love Affair

Mostly C’s: Til Dawn

  • This scent is perfect for those who are edgy, bold, and fearless. Twila True Beauty’s Til Dawn rollerball fragrance smells exotic and rich; it contains hints of water lily, freesia, and lotus blossom. This fragrance is just as unique and daring as you are!

Mostly D’s: Timeless

  • This scent is classic and luxurious; the hints of citrus, lotus flower, and lilac that it contains perfectly mimics your flair for all things glamorous and elegant. Twila True Beauty’s Timeless rollerball fragrance is simplistic, yet floral and sophisticated, making it a wonderful scent for someone as sophisticated and refined as yourself!
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