Whether you and your longtime sweetheart are going out for a night of dancing and drinks, or a brand-new beau has invited you to go out on the town for dinner and a movie, each and every date night is filled with the potential for happiness, adventure, and most importantly, romance. The secret to cultivating this romance is through one’s sense of touch. Having smooth, silky skin means that you and your main squeeze will be able to get that much closer to one another.

Nothing sets a woman up for a night of flirtatious fun like freshly exfoliated skin that shimmers, glimmers, and shines. Twila True Beauty has an assortment of luxurious skin care products that will expertly prep and prime your skin to reach its ultimate potential. With our help of our products formulated to bring out your true beauty, you’ll be ready for a romantic evening with your special someone in no time!


Pamper and Prime

To start off your date night preparation, you’ll want to begin by gently cleansing your skin so that you can look and feel your best. Twila True’s Milk Skin Soak helps to cleanse the body while simultaneously hydrating it with rich, nourishing ingredients like Coconut Oil, Ginger Root, Green Tea, Honey, Milk, Orchid Extract, Frangipani Oil and True Power Complex. To use the Milk Skin Soak, simply hop into the shower, squeeze the product onto your favorite washcloth or loofah, gently lather up your body by massaging the product along your skin, and then rinse.

If you’re feeling a bit stressed prior to your date and find yourself in need of a relaxing bath, simply squeeze the Milk Skin Soak into the tub to create relaxing, foamy bathing bubbles. To pump up the luxuriousness of your date prep experience even more, you can purchase the Milk Skin Soak in a lavish Plum fragrance to give yourself an extra boost to your at-home spa experience.


Let’s Get Scrubbing!

Now that your body is feeling extra fresh and clean, it’s time to rejuvenate your skin with Twila True’s famous Body Polish. This sensational salt scrub will nourish and hydrate your skin naturally while scrubbing away rough and harsh dry patches to leave your body feeling softer and more radiant than ever before. Taking the extra time to exfoliate before your big night out will make all the difference. When your date leans in to tenderly touch your knee and feels your silky smooth skin, you’d be glad you polished up your body before you headed out!


Whipped into Shape

To finish off your date night skin care transformation, follow up your Body Polish application with Twila True’s glamorous Body Whip. This product will give you that final boost of confidence by giving your skin a natural, youthful, golden glow. Having well-hydrated skin also aids in invigorating the body, which means that you’ll feel sexy and radiant as you prepare to steal your date’s heart!