When preparing for an important business event or a highly-anticipated social outing, choosing your hair style and wardrobe of choice is only half the battle. There’s one vital element involved in prepping for a significant occasion that often goes overlooked: choosing the perfect nail lacquer for the event.

Since our sense of touch is one of the biggest facets of human connection and communication, it’s quite surprising that when it comes to choosing the best nail lacquer to help you stand out and shine for a specific occassion, people often find themselves stumped on what to pick.

Choosing the perfect nail lacquer for an event can be easier than you think, and since Twila True Beauty’s Lasting Shine Lacquer offers up a collection of 60 bright, bold, beautiful nail lacquer shades, the possibilities are endless!

Smart and Sassy

When attending events in corporate settings, women sometimes worry that their nail lacquer of choice will seem too distracting. However, choosing a lacquer shade that is stylish, sleek, and professional is not impossible to do! Picking a soft, neutral color (like a nude, beige, or pinky peach) is the perfect way to let your nails to shine without allowing them to outshine you.

Our recommendations: Pop The Question, No Tan Lines

Life of the Party

If you’ve got a big social event coming up soon, you’ll want to be sure to choose a nail color that is edgy, bright, and makes a big statement. Parties are all about expressing yourself and letting your true personality shine through, and what better way to do that than by picking a Twila True Beauty nail lacquer that is beautifully bold? Vibrant shades from the color wheel, such as pinks, purples, and teals are great color choices for someone looking to make a big splash at their next engagement.

Our recommendations: Cowgirl Up!, Attitude of Gratitude

Sweet Sophistication

Family events are a time to catch up with close relatives, relish in the beauty of connection, and make beautiful, new memories. Family gatherings typically take place in wide, open spaces: parks, beaches, and dining halls are just a few of the places that families often gather to enjoy one another’s company. During occasions like these, pretty pastels and shimmery neutrals are great nail lacquer shade choices. These colors are comforting and sweet, just like the strong bonds family members have with one another.

Our recommendations: The Pear-fect Match, Wonder Seeker

Fun and Flirty

Whether you’re going out for a weekly date night with a long-term lover, or are preparing for your very first date with a brand new crush, you’ll want your nail lacquer choice to look as romantic and desirable as you are. Deep purples, dainty pinks, and shimmery reds are great nail lacquer shade options for women who want a lacquer that will give them the extra push to look and feel their very best.

Our recommendations:There’s Something About Twila, Call The Babysitter