When life’s daily stressors start to send you out of sync, simple day-to-day tasks can start to feel taxing and mundane. Suddenly, daily to-do lists look like never-ending mountains of chores, and finding the time to clear your mind can seem nearly impossible. Sure, a trip to the spa would be a fabulous way for you to relax and unwind, but with all the other obligations, you simply don’t have the time to make it outside for a spa trip on this busy day. Luckily, there’s no need for you to worry; hope is not lost! Creating your own at-home spa is an easy, cost-effective, stress-free way to relax and celebrate you without sending your schedule out of whack. With the help of a few of the fabulous beauty and body products found at Twila True Beauty, you’ll be relaxed, glowing, and revitalized in no time at all!


Step One: Set The Scene

In order to get yourself in the proper stress-free mindset for spa time, begin your spa experience by setting the scene. Create a music playlist of your favorite toe-tapping tunes to make yourself comfortable, then dim your house lights and set out some scented candles to keep the environment soft and serene. To make your DIY spa day extra exhilarating, change into your comfiest bathrobe and pour yourself a glass of sparkling wine to give yourself the full VIP spa experience.  Remember: this time is all about you!


Step Two: Scrub Your Stress Away

Now that your DIY spa haven has been primped and prepared, it’s time to start the beauty treatments! Take a steaming shower or a bubbling bath to soften up your skin, then use Twila True Beauty’s Body Polish to scrub away dead skin and revitalize your pores. Our body polish contains nourishing ingredients like Marula oil and shea butter to increase skin elasticity while toning and hydrating the skin.


Step Three: Time To Shine

Now that your skin has been softened and scrubbed, you’re beginning to get back into tip top shape! Use Twila True Beauty’s luxurious body whip to give your body the ultimate moisturizing experience. Our body whip has healthy ingredients like coconut oil, green tea, and ginger root to invigorate the body and keep your skin feeling smooth, silky, and deeply hydrated.


Step Four: Give Yourself A Hand

Now that your body has been given the full DIY spa treatment, it’s time to finish off your day of relaxation by giving yourself a hand! Not literally, of course, but our Twila True Beauty Hand Cream will provide your dry, tired hands with an extra boost of intense hydration and moisturizing. For an even richer spa experience, consider massaging in our True Renewal Oil into the cuticles for its soothing, subtle Plum fragrance.


That’s All There Is To It!

Congratulations, you did it! You created the perfect at-home spa that revitalized your body and calmed your mind all without leaving the comfort of your home. For best results, continue your DIY spa practices weekly to keep your skin feeling soft and smooth for the days to come.