Though we often forget it, cuticle care is of great importance because the cuticles are part of the skin. For women who want nails that will stay long, healthy, and chip-free, cuticle care is absolutely essential. Having happy, healthy nails requires you to start your treatments at the source, and since the cuticles act as a natural protective barrier for the nails, you’ll want to be certain that you know all the tips and tricks for keeping your cuticles nourished and strong.

Rule One: Never Cut Your Cuticles

Though this rule is one of the easiest to follow, it’s also the rule that is rarely kept. Because your cuticles are a part of your skin, cutting them or tearing them could lead to pesky skin irritation or harmful skin infections. Not only that, but cutting one’s cuticles will stifle nail growth and often lead to aesthetic issues such as bumps, ridges, and bruises.

Rule Two: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Just like any other part of your skin, cuticles must be consistently moisturized in order to stay soft and smooth. Cuticles that aren’t properly hydrated are prone to peeling, flaking, and cracking, so adding a hand cream to your manicure routine could very well be the difference between nails that are weak and brittle and nails that are smooth and strong. Our intensive hydrating Hand Cream absorbs quickly and contains nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera: the perfect combination for those seeking happy cuticles and healthy hands.

Rule Three: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

When caring for your cuticles, it’s common to want to get it done in a flash, but not beneficial for the cuticle. After all, when you’ve got a brand new bottle of sea-green nail lacquer practically begging to be applied to your nails, it’s easy to want to speed up your cuticle care and dive straight into your nail polish application. However, taking a little extra time to focus on cuticle care will benefit you in tremendous ways. People who speed through cuticle care tend to be too rough with their cuticles and injure them in the process, which can lead to soreness and irritation. We know you want your nails to look fabulous instantaneously, but slow down and take your time when caring for your cuticles! Your nails will thank us later.

Rule Four: A Push in The Right Direction

We’ve already briefed you on the dangers of cutting your cuticles, but there is one way to keep them clean looking without damaging them. Pushing your cuticles back with a cuticle stick can help make your nails look longer while simultaneously keeping your cuticles healthy. Before attempting to push back your cuticles, be sure to soak your hands in warm water so that your cuticles become more malleable and less likely to break or get damaged.