Springtime is all about revitalization, as nature returns to full bloom and the hours of sunshine increase. At Twila True Beauty, our nail polish collection includes 60 shades made with a 5-free formula to give you beautiful spring nails for any occasion. Our Lasting Shine Lacquers produce an extended wear time of 5 to 7 days, with a 5-free formula. Our springtime recommendations work great with any skin tone.

Pretty Pastels

Soft pastels are made for springtime. From minty greens to sky blues and soft pinks, it’s easy to celebrate spring by adding some fun color to your nails. The sky is the limit when it comes to using pastels to create colorful patterns and designs.

Our Recommendations: Learn From Your Past-els, wonder seeker, You’re Making Me Blush!

Soft & Feminine Pinks

Springtime is the season of new beginnings, with romance like soft and feminine pink nails. You can opt for a single shade or choose two or three pink shades to create a fun, layered look. In addition to soft pinks, glossy peach shades are also great for adding some color to your nails during the springtime.

Our Recommendations: Pop The Question, Champagne Toast, Practice what you Peach

Metallics & Shimmers

Metallic shades are all the rage this spring, but with a twist. Choose a silver or gold or go subtle with a light pink shimmer . You’ll make a statement with these attention-grabbing nails.

Our Recommendations: Polished Perfect, Good Karma, Shell-a-brate

Nail Painting Tips

Once you have the perfect spring shade picked out, then you’re ready to paint. There are a couple of key tricks used by professionals to give nails a flawless finish.

  • Apply a base coat: Many beauty enthusiasts skip this step, but it’s one of the most important. Base coats give your nails a smooth and glossy surface, so that it is easier to apply nail polish. It also helps the color last longer, and protects your nails from being stained. Our Fortifying Base Coat gives your nails the rock-hard base they need before applying one of our gorgeous shades.
  • Use the three stripe rule: First, you’ll want to dip your brush in the bottle and get a small amount of polish on the very tip of the brush. Then, you’ll want to paint up from the base, stroking to the left, to the right and then through the middle. Make sure the polish is as spread out as possible, as thin coats of polish will look cleaner and are less likely to chip.
  • Apply a top coat: The main purpose of the top coat is to seal the color, and prevent your nails from chipping. After your nails dry a bit, cover them with 1 coat of Twila True Beauty’s Volumizing Top Coat. Then, swipe a small amount over the edge of each nail, to seal the color from chipping off the ends.

At Twila True Beauty, we offer a variety of bold, vibrant and timeless colors to bring your nails to life this spring. Whether you love bright lacquers, metallics, or nudes, Express your true beauty with our Lasting Shine Lacquer Collection.