Braving the Cold Winter Weather

Tip 1: Moisture Is a Life Saver!

Though many women don’t notice much of a difference if they skip a day of moisturization in the summer or spring, even one day without proper hydration in the winter months can leave skin looking dull and lifeless. In order to remedy this, make sure to invest in a moisturizing body oil and hand cream to ensure that you skin stays looking soft all winter long. Our Twila True Beauty True Renewal Oil and moisturizing Hand Cream are the perfect products for rejuvenating winter skin.

Tip 2: The Heat Is On

Once winter arrives, you’ll be better off taking your baths and showers with lukewarm water instead of hot water. This will help your skin retain its natural healthy oils and ensure it won’t be stripped bare by the crisp winter wind.

Tip 3: Protect and Prepare

Make sure to bundle up appropriately before heading outdoors during the winter months. Winter weather can lead to skin irritation and frostbite when it reaches low temperatures, so make sure to throw on a scarf and some mittens before heading on any wintertime errands.

Tip 4: Keep Your Body Happy

Beauty and health often start at the source, and winter skincare is no exception to this rule. Make sure to drink plenty of water as winter approaches, which will ensure that your skin and body properly hydrate from the inside out. For an extra boost of hydration, add healthy, water-rich foods to your winter diet such as cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, carrots, apples, oranges, and kiwis. These healthy, hydrating foods will also provide your body with a plethora of vitamins and nutrients that will keep you  healthy throughout the winter.