The perfect looks for the woman on-the-go!

For women who constantly live their lives on the go, finding the time to fit in a manicure routine can feel nearly impossible. Between business meetings, a busy social calendar, and the never-ending list of to dos, there certainly isn’t time for a regular nail studio appointment. Fear not, because Twila True Beauty is here to help. Our Lasting Shine Nail Lacquer collection is packed with over 60 shades of polish that you can use with any of our 4 favorite no-fuss nail looks, that can be created in ten minutes or less.

A Nude to Remember

Nude nail looks are one of the best no-fuss options for the woman on the go; nude shades of nail lacquer are smart, sophisticated, and simple enough to work for any occasion. Twila True Beauty’s Lasting Shine Nail Lacquer in the shade La Vida Coco is subtle, smooth, and tantalizingly taupe. This hue is perfect for any event imaginable: from shopping days at the mall to impromptu day trips to the beach!

You “Red” My Mind!

Nothing helps a woman exude radiance and confidence like a fierce red nail lacquer. Adding red is a great way to add a quick pop of color to any of your day-to-day looks and red nail lacquer dresses itself up. It can be applied in a matter of minutes, but always leaves you looking like you stepped straight out of the nail salon! One of Twila True Beauty’s most stunning red lacquer shades, Call The Babysitter, is rich, dark, and bold enough to help you make every entrance a grand one!

Clear Your Head

For women who don’t feel they have the time or resources to add a bit of color to their lives, we have an easy manicure alternative! Apply a clear top coat over your bare nails for a tiny bit of added glimmer and shine for days to come. Our Volumizing Top Coat has a smooth, toxin-free formula that will strengthen your nails and keep them growing long.

Glitter and Gloss and Glow, Oh My!

For the woman on-the-go who wants a look that is a bit bolder and brighter, using a nail lacquer with glittering undertones ensures that you’ll stay looking runway-ready no matter where you are! Our gorgeous sky-blue shimmering nail lacquer, Wonder Seeker, has a glossy, flake-free formula that lends itself to extended wear and a vibrant finish. You glow, girl!